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“Everybody loves a fine meal. But actually preparing those meals with your coworkers is a far more effective and tasty way of strengthening your team.”

· Take part in a cooking class in a completely furnished cooking studio in Amsterdam
· Use our professional kitchen while looking down at our art galery
· Learn from our chef and prepare the most delicious meals with your team
· Create a stronger team in a nice and tasty way

Since it’s your cooking class, we will make sure that your culinary preferences are part of the fun.

Cooking together builds a team

Cooking together is a fun and remarkable way of ending a training, meeting or workshop session. Especially when you can eat all of those delights afterwards. More importantly, a cooking class in the Cooking Studio of the Amsterdam Art Center is a dynamic way of working on teambuilding.

We’ve witnessed how working in small groups actually creates large group dynamics and a positive vibe. Just think about it: a glass of wine, home-cooked meals and a stylish ambiance… And each group explains shortly how they prepared their part. Get ready for an applause!

Team outing Amsterdam

It’s a given fact that cooking together enhances the connection amongst team members. This is exactly why many organizations use our Cooking Studio in Amsterdam during a team outing. Not just for their own employees; many have discovered how their clients love doing cooking classes in our Cooking Studio as well. Most of our customers start with their own program in one of our meeting facilities, after which they complete the day with a cooking session. Even training agencies have discovered the value of cooking classes in our Cooking Studio at the Amsterdam Art Center. Every team is welcome!

All-round cooking at the Cooking Studio of the Amsterdam Art Center

The Amsterdam Art Center chefs have prepared the following cooking classes for you:

· Italian
· Asian
· Dutch
· Tapas
· Classic

If you wish to improve you culinary skills in a group setting while enjoying a creative ambiance, we’d like to invite you to our Cooking Studio in the Amsterdam Art Center. It will be tasty and educational, but most of all, it will be fun!

Curious? Please feel free to contact us for more information and prices.

Italian cooking class

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