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Business events

Business events

“A business event is more than just a day away from the office: it’s chance to build a team and inspire each other.”

· Experience a team outing with truly inspiring activities at the Amsterdam Art Center
· Feel inspired when going back to the office the day after
· Experience how teambuilding at the Amsterdam Art Center is more than just a ‘have-to’: it’s a chance to engage

A well programmed business event that inspires people is a chance to build on strong collaboration in a team. This is why we’d rather refer to this as an Inspiration Day.

Inspiration Day: business events new style

When does that moment of true engagement occur? We believe this is when all senses are triggered. That’s our aim during our Inspiration Days at the Amsterdam Art Center. By using different areas, your business event gets a new dimension. From art workshops to cooking classes or inspirational talks about leadership: creative, culinary and inspiring activities are all included.

Your wishes and your goals should be centralized when composing a versatile program for a team outing at the Amsterdam Art Center. Whether you choose to partly organize the day yourself or whether you want us to take over entirely, is completely up to you. Either way, we will ensure that all group activities are characterized by participation, teambuilding and variety, to make sure each and everyone is fully inspired.

A remarkable business event: one stop shop

All at one location, free parking and a motivated team at your disposal: organizing a business event or team outing at the Amsterdam Art Center means choosing comfort. More importantly, you will know for sure that all activities are aligned effortlessy. Yes, even with a large number of people.

The Amsterdam Art Center offers multiple facilities that can host a variety of activities at the same time. This way the group members can rotate between those activities. One part of the group will make stock for a vegetable soup in the morning, while the second group takes part in an out-of-the-box art workshop at Studio Maasdam and the third group gets inspired by a reading on leadership in the conference room. Each group gets colored wristbands and will rotate when announced.

To finish the business event we’d love for you to share your experiences and a drink while our DJ entertains you with music. Afterwards, the entire team enjoys their own home-cooked meal. Creativity, cooking and leadership combined will create memories that last a lifetime.

Business events
Business events
Business events
Business events
Business events
Business events







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