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About us

About us

“To be human is to become visible in this world while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.” – David Whyte

We’d love to help. Facilitate your conversation with the world. With yourself, your colleagues and partners. That’s why we welcome you to join a completely different world as soon as you enter the Amsterdam Art Center. This is our way of being visible in this world. It’s our gift to you.

Amsterdam Art Center believes in the power of:

· Inspiration: art inspires you during meeting sessions, workshops or training sessions
· Fun: trigger all your senses – cooking, painting, music and working together
· Comfort: one stop shop, free parking and a versatile program with a number of activities that match perfectly
· Variability: a broad offer of activities linked to meeting, training, cooking workshops, art workshops and teambuilding

The synergy of ratio, creativity and a pleasant vibe is incredibly empowering. An inspiring setting can turn a meeting or teambuilding activity into a productive happening for your organization. That’s exactly what drives us.

Can we tell you our story?

It was 1988. A love for art and business was Peter Maasdam’s source of inspiration to fill The Netherlands with art. ART4U was born. Twentyfive beautiful years followed in which people and businesses experienced the inspirational power of art. ART4U not only became a renowned authority with regards to art rental, but quickly turned itself into a professional picture-framing and screenprinting company with a creative studio.

It was 2013 when the business decided to take a 180 degrees turn: we recognized an opportunity to move to the fantastic, robust premises at the Donauweg. This building was the décor for the Amsterdam Art Center. Art rental ART4U became KUNSTUITLEEN.NL and the industrial setting turned out to be an inspiration to visitors. The step towards offering meeting facilities appeared to be small.

Now, with more than fourteen vibrant meeting rooms, the Amsterdam Art Center is a vast part of the Amsterdam event world. Yet, despite of all of our latest changes, Peter Maasdam’s vision remains unaltered: art is still an important basis to inspire one’s work or home environment.

Peter’s team, led by manager Mike Bosman, is a reflection of this vision. Eager, versatile, flexible and professional – qualities that characterize their way of working at the Amsterdam Art Center. Those qualities have made our venue into one of the most unique meeting facilities in Amsterdam. Equipped with our own Cooking Studio we happily invite teams to participate in fun and inspiring group activities or business events. Everything in one place.